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How to use the site

Get to know SquashLevels


The search feature allows you to quickly and easily look up any player or club in the system. Once you click on a player you will be taken directly to their profile page.

Looking for a club? The search page will also find clubs. Just type the name of the club, click on it, and you will be taken to the club rankings.

On desktop: Simply click search at the top of the page and type the name of the player in the search bar. You will be presented with your results.

On mobile: Quickly access the search feature by clicking the racket icon in the bottom left of the screen.



The rankings feature allows you to find a range of different ranking lists for players in the system. These include:

  • World rankings
  • National rankings
  • County rankings
  • Club rankings

Player profile page

The player profile page is the hub of the SquashLevels account. You can easily access a range of features that are all relevant to the player profile you are viewing (or most importantly, You!). These include:

  • Rankings
  • Your level history
  • Compare players
  • Your level stats
  • Your player stats
  • Your match history
  • Match review features