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Most improved rankings

Most improved rankings

Most improved

This is for the most improved players over the last 12 months and the players included can be controlled by the search filters. Also note that players need to have a minimum level of 500 12 months ago and need to have played enough to have good confidence in their level.

Player of the month

This can either be the most improved player for last month - which is for the duration of the whole month, of the most improved player for this month - from the start of this month up to today.

To qualify for the player of the month, players must have a level higher than 200, have played at least 5 matches in the previous 12 months and have a level confidence of more than 40% before the start of the month.

Player of the tournament

This compares the player's level at the start of the tournament with their level now, or at the end of the tournament. The rankings show the players wth the most improvement at the top.

Best result

This looks at the level change for every individual result and ranks all the players in the tournament by that. This means that any player can go straight to the top with any result!

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