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Latest boxes

 West Kent Area Junior League10-Jun to 10-Jun-201880
 East Kent Junior Squash League9-Jun to 9-Jun-201870
 Avon Junior Boxes27-May to 27-May-201860
 Bela Vista Boxes15-May to 15-Jul-201842
 Knole Park Boxes 201711-May to 18-Jun-2018721
 Brondesbury Sports Club Boxes11-May to 21-Jun-201849
 Nuffield Health Boxes9-May to 29-Jun-201827
 David Lloyd Purley Boxes8-May to 24-Jun-2018100
 Horn Park Junior League1-May to 30-Jun-201837
 Thame Racquets Squash League1-May to 12-Jun-2018810
 Aylesbury Squash Leagues1-May to 31-May-20181287
 Aylesbury Junior Leagues1-May to 31-May-2018311
 Poult Wood Squash League1-May to 31-May-2018520
 Sandown Sports Box Leagues1-May to 31-May-2018511
 Henley Internal League1-May to 31-May-20181157
 Rodmersham Box League1-May to 31-May-201881
 Tonbridge League1-May to 31-May-2018726
 Kennet Squash Leagues30-Apr to 27-May-2018315
 Fort Stamford Boxes21-Apr to 30-May-201840
 Mid Kent Area Junior League1-Apr to 30-Apr-2018663
 Petersfield Adult Boxes1-Apr to 30-Apr-201810
 Wells Squash Club Boxes26-Mar to 14-May-2018542
 Wendover Squash League19-Mar to 31-May-201893
 Finchley Manor boxes10-Mar to 24-May-201815135
 Petersfield Junior Boxes7-Mar to 3-Apr-201850
 Folkestone Junior Leagues4-Mar to 11-May-2018213
 Filton 20 Boxes25-Feb to 4-May-2018535
 Britannia Leisure Boxes13-Feb to 28-Feb-201800
 Middx Junior Squash League3-Feb to 31-May-201810
 North Kent Area Junior League1-Feb to 28-Feb-201840
 Sevenoaks School Girls Boxes1-Sep to 13-Oct-201750
 Sevenoaks School Boxes1-Sep to 13-Oct-201787
 Rhiwbina Boxes24-Aug to 31-Aug-201700
 Harrow Leisure Boxes2-Jul to 31-Jul-201700
 Sumner Malik Poult Wood Challenge12-Mar to 12-Mar-2017327
 Limpsfield Open Club League12-Mar to 12-Mar-2017536
 Benedikta Squash League7-Mar to 30-Apr-201790
 Oxshott Boxes1-Feb to 19-Mar-201743
 Maidenhead Squash League7-Jan to 28-Jan-201710
 Redland Juior Boxes2-Jan to 31-Jan-201710
 Radlett Box Leagues13-Dec to 31-Dec-201600
 Pocklington Mini Leagues25-Jul to 29-Aug-201650
 Biddenden Squash Club Box Leagues1-May to 31-May-2016101
 Horn Park League17-Mar to 31-Mar-201600
 Purley Squash Boxes1-Mar to 31-Mar-2016110
 Squash du Pays d'Aix boxes1-Dec to 31-Jan-201630
 Sportcity Hackers1-Sep to 31-Oct-2015313