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Box providers
SquashLevels Online Boxes Providers

To support our "Paper free in '23" campaign we are providing a list of recommended providers that offer online squash boxes and, in some cases, ladders. Feel free to look through and connect with them.

What are boxes?

Squash boxes (sometimes also known as internal, club leagues) are a staple of most squash clubs. The idea is that you have four or five opponents at around your level to play over the course of about a month. Numbers and periods vary from club to club but the main point is that you have some great matches already lined up for you - you just need to get in touch with your opponent and book a court!

Based on your results you get points and, at the end of each period, the top players go up to the box above and the bottom players go down to the box below. This is how you end up in a box with other players at about your level. Simple, easy and fun!

What are ladders?

Traditional squash ladders are an ordered list of players and you are able to challenge a player up to three places above you. If you win you go above them and push them down one. Some systems automate this and recommend opponents based on availability, level and other factors but the basic princple is that if you win, you work your way up the ladder thus quickly finding a position amongst other players of about your level.

Why use online boxes?

For years, boxes have been run using paper sheets pinned to notice boards. It works well (as long as you have a pen on you) but in this century, it really makes sense to use online technology and automate the whole thing. This makes it easy for players to enter their scores from their phones and for admins to process their boxes at the end of each period with a touch of a button.

With online boxes you get:

  • An environmentally-friendly approach, with no need for paper or other physical materials.
  • Quick, easy, and efficient for admins to set up and maintain.
  • Connection with SquashLevels to track player progress and performance over time.
  • Easy for players of all ages and abilities to use and participate.
  • Increased engagement and court usage when boxes are connected to SquashLevels.

What's special about all these providers?

They're all special! But the one thing they have in common is that they all send their results over to SquashLevels meaning that all your box games count towards your level. They are weighted less than league games or tournaments but they do still count! This is ideal for those players who don't or rarely play league matches as it includes them in the system giving them a level and therefore a club, county and even national ranking!

Box system providers

This is the list (sorted alphabetically!) of currently recommended providers who are supporting this initiave. Plese get in touch if you know of others that might be able to connect to SquashLevels. We'd love to talk to them! Please follow the links to browse the various providers and connect directly with them to get going fast!

ClubLaddersportconnexions.comWhether you are an experienced player or just starting out: With ClubLadder you quickly play fun matches at your level!
eBookingOnlineebookingonline.netOnline Booking System with integrated Club Management
Leagaliseleagalise.comLeagalise your squash league
Leaguetablesleaguetables.orgClub focused. Responsive developer - feature requests considered
MyCourtsmycourts.co.ukBox Leagues, Tournaments, Court Bookings, Email Newsletters, and Subscription Payments
Playwazeplaywaze.comDiscover sport near you
Silkwebs Internet Serviceslmssussexmens.leagueorganiser.co.ukMulti-box/league system, allowing multiple sections and incorporating rule checking
Sport Managersportmgr.co.ukManage sports teams, leagues and tournaments
SportyHQsportyhq.com/features/box-leaguesPut competition at your club on autopilot with SportyHQ.
SquashLevelssquashlevels.com/boxesFully integrated with the main SquashLevels system
WebBookingswebbookings.co.ukOnline bookings, membership management, leagues, ladders, tournaments, teams, availability, door access and lighting