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    Events played - Fares Dessouky, since 12-Jun-2018

    Click on the event to see the all the player levels at the end of that event.
    Weighting determines how much effect each result from that event affects a player's ranking.
    If sanctioned, playing in this event enables players to be listed in the premium rankings.

    Event Matches  Last match date  Level range  Weighting  Sanctioned
    PSA British Open9226-May-20196266 - 62104 
    PSA Wimbledon Club Open2316-May-20199213 - 47808 
    PSA El Gouna International Open9326-Apr-20195054 - 60405 
    PSA Canary Wharf Classic2315-Mar-201914833 - 55743 
    PSA World Championship1262-Mar-20193911 - 64742 
    Senior Egyptian National Championship2517-Feb-20193076 - 58025 
    PSA Tournament Of Champions9424-Jan-20194711 - 59222 
    PSA Cci International2112-Jan-201917582 - 46944