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    Events played - Stephen McLoughlin, since 13-Jan-2018

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    Event Matches  Last match date  Level range  Weighting  Sanctioned
    Allam British Karakal Masters Open Championships 201923325-May-2019180 - 12252 
    Home Internationals 201928818-May-2019306 - 15318 
    Home Internationals 201840211-May-2019308 - 19052 
    Hampshire Mens League 2018/2019284116-Apr-2019268 - 25649 
    Intercounty Masters 20195873-Mar-2019274 - 15890 
    AJ Bell British National Masters Championships 201927417-Feb-2019234 - 15918 
    Senior Intercounty 2018/1928620-Jan-2019268 - 21696 
    South England Masters 2018/1916613-Jan-2019318 - 19207 
    East England Masters 2018/1913216-Dec-2018312 - 10372 
    Midlands Masters 2018/1921711-Nov-2018366 - 12337 
    West England Masters 2018/1918923-Sep-2018317 - 10934 
    Karakal British Masters Open Championships 201831110-Jun-2018215 - 19028 
    Finals Masters 20181293-Jun-2018589 - 12256 
    Hampshire Mens League 2017/201811486-May-2018250 - 20089 
    Hampshire Vets League 2017/20182894-May-2018474 - 5897 
    British National Masters Championships 201823418-Feb-2018307 - 14780