Events played - Youssef Ibrahim, since 11-Feb-2018

    Click on the event to see the all the player levels at the end of that event.
    Weighting determines how much effect each result from that event affects a player's ranking.
    If sanctioned, playing in this event enables players to be listed in the premium rankings.

    Event Matches  Last match date  Level range  Weighting  Sanctioned
    PSA Lethbridge Pro Am3724-Mar-20193309 - 29286 
    PSA World Championship1262-Mar-20193931 - 64654 
    PSA Em Noll Classic2818-Feb-2019965 - 34437 
    PSA Cci International2112-Jan-201917521 - 46531 
    PSA Cns International2310-Dec-20184675 - 30477 
    PSA Dha Cup4324-Nov-2018397 - 28275 
    PSA Romanian Open1418-Nov-201811370 - 25948 
    PSA Swiss Open2311-Nov-20188306 - 26741 
    PSA Wadi Degla Open452-Nov-2018953 - 25372 
    PSA Sportwerk Open2315-Sep-20187894 - 26203 
    PSA South African Open3611-Aug-2018953 - 27559 
    PSA Armenian Challenger2027-Jun-2018601 - 20330