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    SquashLevels App

    The SquashLevels App - new development this year

    After a first pass at an app last year we're going to be working with new university teams on a second pass this year. Last year's app is still available but we learned a lot during the development and feel in a better position to come up with something that is more widely available (both Android and iOS) and focused on what you guys, the players, want from it.

    So, if you'd like to be involved in the up-front definition and/or testing over time then please get in touch and we'll include you.


    The SquashLevels App - developed last year

    We have an Android app! A team from Bristol University took it on as a second year project and it is available to download from Google Play - called SquashLevels. Click here to go to the SquashLevels App download.

    It's a first go at an app for us but we want to make it available for you to try and see how it goes. We're looking for feedback on how it works and, even better, suggestions on what you'd like a SquashLevels app to do for you in the future.

    Unfortunately there is no iOS equivalent for now - we had to pick one or the other so we picked Android.

    With the SquashLevels App you can do all this in the palm of your hand:

    • Find a player
    • Find your current level and see your level chart
    • Look at your recent matches
    • Check your stats
    • See where you are in the club and county rankings
    • Look up other ranking lists

    Please remember this is a first pass but we'd like to hear your feedback and get ideas for future development.