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Maidenhead Squash League from 16-Feb-2020 to 11-Apr-2020

Maidenhead Squash League from 16-Feb-2020 to 11-Apr-2020


You need to be logged in to have full use of the boxes otherwise you will not be able to see player contact details or enter results yourself. If you are not a member you can still ask your club admin to enter your results on your behalf - you don't have to be a member to play in the boxes.

If you are logged in you can update your contact details via the links in the boxes. If you haven't added any contact details yet, there is an Add contact details link next to your name but you can also use the Update link in the box diagonals at any time.

To add a result, click on either of the Enter results links in the appropriate location in your box and a new page will open. Enter your results into this page and click on the Enter match results button to save them and return to the boxes page. You do need to be logged in for this or ask your club admin to do it for you.

Once your results have been entered they will be included in the level processing which will calculate a level for you as long as you have played someone who already has a level of their own. If not, your level will be calculated once your opponent has one or you play someone else who has one.

If you have a '*' by your name then you are in danger of being removed (dropped) from the boxes next time round because you haven't played enough matches yet. The '*' will disappear once you have entered enough results.

There are many applications, programs and even web pages that support squash boxes and this one is no doubt very similar to most of them but it is free to set up and integrated directly with SquashLevels. Set up is very straight forward (see below) and, once you've got your players entered, very easy to manage. Player members can enter their own results leaving the admin with a simple single click to generate the boxes for the next period each time. It's very easy.

Running boxes on this system allows all box players to have a level - not just league players - and this brings all of the advantages of having a level (and level history) to a wider set of players including helping with team selection if they are hoping to play league.

How to set up boxes


You need to be logged in as a club admin to manage your boxes. Just register/join as a player as normal and then let us know and we can set you up as a club admin.

Adding a set of boxes

To add a set of boxes for your club you should start at the Boxes->All boxes page and click on Add boxes. The same button is also available at the very bottom of this page. The Add a box page allows you to define how your boxes operate via the following fields:

  • Club: This will be hard coded to your club name though can be changed by the system admin if need be.
  • Name: This will be automatically generated to boxes but you can change it to anything you like. That name will then be carried forward to future boxes though it can be changed at any time.
  • Event/League: (if available) is for assigning a set of boxes to an event or league rather than a club.
  • Add a new match type: (if available) is for creating a new match type if the one you want isn't available in the pull-down.
  • Contact email: How players can get in touch with you.
  • Show player contact details: If ticked, the player contact details will be shown. Hidden if not.
  • Comment: A line of text that appears at the top of the boxes page. Use it to communicate messages to your players.
  • Start date: When the period for the boxes begin. Most time formats are supported.
  • End date: When the period for the boxes end. Dates are inclusive so games can be played upto and including this date.
  • Players per box: The target number of players per box adjusted by +/- 1 to allow for varying numbers of players. Needs to be in the range 4 to 7.
  • Last box min: The minimum number of players in the last box. Use this to prevent the system leaving you with a box with fewer players than you asked for (can be 'Players per box' minus one). If zero or there aren't enough boxes to absorb all the players in the last box then this option has no effect.
  • Extra players go into...: Choose between the top and bottom box to adjust for extra or too few players.
  • Players moved between boxes: Defaults to 2 which means the top 2 go up and the bottom 2 go down in each box at the end of the period with the caveat that players who have not played do not go up.
  • Top/bottom player moves 2 boxes: Allows the very top and bottom players of each box to move 2 boxes in one period. Nice if you have a lot of boxes and very competitive for the top spot! Select the number of the first (from) box if you don't want to include the top boxes in this. E.g. If you set this to 2, players can only move one box between box 1 and 2 and then 2 boxes between box 2 and 4.
  • Bonus if all matches played: The number of extra points a player gets if they played all their games in the period.
  • Drop if...: Two configurations to control the auto-dropping of players who haven't played. Note that dropped players are only 'dropped' which means their details are still held (including their last position) and can be brought back into the boxes if desired. A player who will be dropped next period if they don't play a game this period will have a '*' by their name.

All of the above details are specific to the boxes you're creating for the initial box period but will be copied across to the next period to use for the new boxes when the time comes. It is therefore possible to use a different configuration from period to period for your boxes - useful if you want to change the length of the period or the name of the boxes for instance.

Once you have filled out the configuration of the box click on Add to create it. This creates the boxes internally but until you add players there will be nothing to see!

From the page showing your boxes, you can select:

  • Previous boxes: Takes you to the previous period's boxes. May show 'First boxes' if these are the first.
  • Next boxes: Takes you to the next period's boxes. May show 'Current boxes' if these are the current ones.
  • Lock boxes: This prevents any accidental updating of box configuration or adding/removing players which has an immediate affect on who is in which box. Since the definition of the boxes is independent of the player details and results such changes can always be corrected.
  • Configure boxes: Allows you to make changes to the configuration of the boxes after initial set up.
  • Add players: Allows you to add players to the boxes (see below for details). Note that you can't add players once matches have started to be recorded as it changes who is in each box.
  • Process boxes: Used at the end of the period to generate the boxes for next period. You can only do this once and only if it's the current period and only if there are results entered. Processing a box can't be undone from the web (for now) so only do it when you're sure that you are at the end of the period although you can always adjust the resultant boxes afterwards. Box processing at the end of the period could be automated at some point.
  • Delete boxes: Used if you created a set of boxes (say for a new period) and decided that you don't want them any more. The boxes will be deleted and you will be returned to the previous boxes. This does not delete any players or player history. You can't delete a set of boxes once results have been entered.
  • Mail all: Use this to open a new email addressed to all the players in the boxes who have entered their contact details. Very useful for sending out new boxes messages to all the players each month. You do need a mail program such as Outlook running on your computer for this to work.
  • Wall mode: Use this to set your tablet or PC up so that you can hang it on the wall at your club for instant results entry and easy viewing of the boxes. For PCs, best if the browser is running in 'kiosk' mode or, for a tablet, running from within a 'kiosk' app. The kiosk mode/app locks down the device so users can't use it as a general purpose browser. Wall mode helps by disabling external links from this site and preventing the generic box user from logging out. If there's no user interaction within the timeout period set in the box configuration, the boxes page is returned to automatically. Works for the tablet/PC that you're using when you click on the button which you must do as an admin, log out and then log back in again as the generic boxes user. Since it's not possible to leave wall mode from the wall mode device, you can only disable it by zeroing out the timeout from another device as an admin. Note that if the timeout is set to zero, the 'Wall mode' button will not be shown. The default timeout is 60 seconds.

Adding individual boxes

The system automatically works out how many boxes there should be based on how you set the boxes up (above) and how many players are in them. So you don't add boxes, you just add players and the boxes will appear!

Note that since adding players causes the boxes to rearrange, you can't add players once a period has got under way and results have been entered. If there are more than 2 results entered, the 'Process boxes' button will not be available.

In general, process the boxes at the end of period before adding or removing players for the next period.

Adding players to a box

Click on the 'Add players' button to add a player. This will offer you a form to select the player and determine how they appear in the boxes:

  • Go to add player page: For a player to be selectable they must already be entered into the system so use this button to go straight to that page in the system. Once the player is entered and saved, you will return to this form so you can then select that player and carry on.
  • Choose club player: Use the pull-down to select the player in the club to add.
  • or search: Use the search field to enter a player's name to search for him/her in the system beyond the club.
  • Position: This defines where in the boxes the player will go. Defaults to the current bottom position but you can use the pull-down to choose anywhere in the boxes.
  • Dropped: Enter yes or no to drop a player. A dropped player is one who is still part of the boxes but not actively playing. There is a list of dropped players at the bottom of the boxes page showing their last active position. This allows a player to be removed for a period and then be returned for the next period in the same position they left off.
  • Withdrawn: Enter yes or no to withdraw a player. A withdrawn player is one who intended to play in the boxes this period but has had to withdraw due to injury. Their name still appears in the box and they still have their results from matches played but their name is crossed out to show they're not playing any more matches this period. They will be carried forward in the same state to the next period boxes.

General maintenance

There are various other buttons/links to use that will help maintain the boxes. Some of these can be done by anyone logged in as a club player and others can only be done by the club admin. The player links are covered in the help section below for players so see that but the admin links are listed here:

  • Update: In the box diagnonals. Allows you to update how a player appears in the boxes. See section above on adding players for details on what can be changed.
  • Drop: In the box diagnonals. Allows you to temporarily drop a player from the boxes. See section above on on adding players for an explanation of what dropping a player means.
  • Remove: Only available from the list of dropped players and allows you to remove a player from the boxes. This only disconnects that player from this box. It leaves all their contact details, results, appearances in other boxes all unaffected and they can still be added back in again if need be. The only thing lost is their last position in this box. You will need to confirm that a player is to be removed.

Player access

There are two ways players can access the boxes to enter results and see contact details:

  • Player members: Can do everything they need in their own name. Easy.
  • Club generic members: This is a special log-on provided on request for anyone playing in the boxes to be able to enter results and see contact details without having to register personally. It won't be personalised but will do the job. It will be up to the admin to make the log-on details available to the players.

Scoring systems

There are quite a few different scoring systems in use and as clubs migrate from spreadsheets or older systems to the on-line equivalent, they like to keep their existing scoring system if they can.

It is possible for the boxes admin to choose which scoring system they want to use and the different systems are listed here. It's not feasible to give them sensible names so numbers are used. Just pick the system you want to use and enter the number in the boxes admin form.

Scoring system3-03-13-22-02-12-21-01-10-0W-0
1 - used in these boxes6-15-24-33-13-23-32-12-20-04-0

Note that the code itself is populating the table above so whatever you see here is what you'll get in the boxes.

SquashLevels Boxes

Matches to be played on or before 11-Apr-2020. 228 days overdue. Matches played: 89.

Box 1

PositionName Level Log in for
contact details
Paul BradleyPBTom McGillTMRobin ChanRCJean MooyJMJon WilkinsonJWMark EssexME Points 
1Paul Bradley1385  23 7
2Tom McGill1928 3   6
3Robin Chan1181 03  5
4Jean Mooy10331 2  5
5Jon Wilkinson14872    3
6Mark Essex2701     0

Box 2

PositionName Level Log in for
contact details
Jerry DunnJDRichard MartinezRMCraig WyllieCWJanak MistryJMDavid JohncoxDJMartin PurcellMP Points 
7Jerry Dunn12753 13319
8Richard Martinez13241  3 8
9Craig Wyllie1132   3 6
10Janak Mistry11933    5
11David Johncox823000  3
12Martin Purcell10650    1

Box 3

PositionName Level Log in for
contact details
Kit EvansKEPedro PardoPPMatthew VickersMVRobin TrinderRTBrian KershawBKPeter TsePT Points 
13Kit Evans9663 23 12
14Pedro Pardo9282113 12
15Matthew Vickers1118 3 3 11
16Robin Trinder93733   9
17Brian Kershaw828110  5
18Peter Tse985     0

Box 4

PositionName Level Log in for
contact details
Steve PerrySPRoy DowlingRDJohn CracknellJCJay SahotaJSGary LeachGLAlex MalbonAM Points 
19Steve Perry87933   11
20Roy Dowling664033 011
21John Cracknell7411210 8
22Jay Sahota795 13  7
23Gary Leach989  3  6
24Alex Malbon1101 3   6

Box 5

PositionName Level Log in for
contact details
John MedleyJMIan OstrerIOSteve LeightonSLDave AtallahDADavid MurrayDMJames JohnsonJJ Points 
25John Medley7583033 16
26Ian Ostrer7171133 16
27Steve Leighton81532 3 14
28Dave Atallah65620 3 8
29David Murray5260012 7
30James Johnson1152     0

Box 6

PositionName Level Log in for
contact details
Anuj GakharAGPaul JohnsonPJBen GladwynBGMark WalshMWDavid BrayshawDBChris DeutschmannCD Points 
31Anuj Gakhar5833232323
32Paul Johnson5000113315
33Ben Gladwyn53033 3 13
34Mark Walsh56413  313
35David Brayshaw492322  10
36Chris Deutschmann22100 0 3

Box 7

PositionName Level Log in for
contact details
Jonathan TyceJTSteve BonhommeSBGerhard BissellGBGiles BallardGBJohn SneadJSPhil NicollPN Points 
37Jonathan Tyce63133   10
38Steve Bonhomme453121  7
39Gerhard Bissell57313   6
40Giles Ballard456 3   5
41John Snead521     0
42Phil Nicoll538     0

Box 8

PositionName Level Log in for
contact details
Robert WallaceRWSteve StiffSSBen MillarBMTiago RodriguesTRMike JonesMJJon DrakeJD Points 
43Robert Wallace4293133 16
44Steve Stiff4302 33 13
45Ben Millar4593   39
46Tiago Rodrigues36102 3 9
47Mike Jones37620 1 6
48Jon Drake445  2  3

Box 9

PositionName Level Log in for
contact details
Francisco Olcina GrandeFOGVince MillsVMBrian NkalaBNAkhilesh AnandAAGraham AlfredGAJohn HillhouseJH Points 
49Francisco Olcina Grande3732333 18
50Vince Mills368333  13
51Brian Nkala339213  11
52Akhilesh Anand2760203 9
53Graham Alfred3071  2 5
54John Hillhouse426     0

Box 10

PositionName Level Log in for
contact details
Ross ChisholmRCSam AbbottSASimon CrouchSCKristian AndersonKAPeter BrandiPBCaroline PatchCPIqbal DhadwalID Points 
55Ross Chisholm2621333  19
56Sam Abbott3393333  18
57Simon Crouch22212    5
58Kristian Anderson22502    4
59Peter Brandi20001    3
60Caroline Patch231      0
61Iqbal Dhadwal215      0

Box 11

PositionName Level Log in for
contact details
Jozef KovacJKVinay NaithaniVNAngela BerkowitzABJerome KimJKKenny O'ConnorKODiego HerranzDHGoarcharn Singh PaullGSP Points 
62Jozef Kovac19633333334
63Vinay Naithani21623 33 20
64Angela Berkowitz146003   6
65Jerome Kim1550 2   4
66Kenny O'Connor13701    3
67Diego Herranz10400    2
68Goarcharn Singh Paull750     1

If you have a '*' by your name it means you have not played enough games and will be removed from the boxes next time. After that you will appear in the list below. To remove the '*', just play a game!

Not playing (removed from this list after 6 months)

Not playing (removed from this list after 6 months)

These players have been auto-dropped for not playing enough games. The admin can return them to the boxes, otherwise they will be auto-removed from this list after 6 months.

Players can always be added to boxes - just ask the admin!

 10Alex McTaggart 2227
 10Kesavan Bhuvaneswaram 1082
 15Mark Fish 1044
 20Richard Ives 867
 26Anthony Ball 640
 29Jeff Walters 808
 32Chris Hutton 802
 43Steve Johnstone 500
 43Gavin Best 855
 49Lewis Young 391
 57Harry Johncox 358
 60Peter Edmonds 260
 61Hishmat Elsayed 361
 61Byron Ward 400
 64Tony Mullan 562
 66Vassilis Ioannou 91
 66Rohit Gupta 189
 66Edward Proddow 278
 66Lawrence Wyatt 296
 67Stephen McCormack 168
 67Karanveer Sekhon TBD
 67Jonathan Robson 105
 67Chris Edwards TBD
 67Tash Davis 70
 67Paul Howarth 247
 67Lettice Cary TBD
 67Adam Eldred TBD
 67Jose Antonio Santano TBD

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